Success in CRE Step 5: Don't Read a Script

Advisors often get hung up on the idea of having a script prepared when meeting a new client. Although it is necessary to thoroughly prepare before meeting a prospective client, it is not necessary to have a script ready.

Commercial Real Estate is a very relationship-focused industry. When making the initial contact with clients you want to build that relationship by finding out their wants and needs are. It is also important to share your background and details about yourself. Do not go into the meeting trying to sell something, or having a canned speech.

Rather than having a script or speech prepared - you should spend that time learning as much as possible about the subject property - or area the client is working in. This way you will sound confident when speaking about the properties or region.

Our office-side chat series is lead by Chris Pascucci.

Chris is Managing Director for SVN The Masiello Group.

Contact Chris today!


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