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SVN® has an established Preferred Vendor Program featuring companies that offer services, programs and products that could best benefit SVN The Masiello GroupAdvisors and help them achieve greater success.
Each company goes through a rigorous vetting process, 
as we only enroll those that meet our high standards and criteria. The vendors who are included in our Preferred Vendor Program may provide discount offers and preferential access to their tools and services.
SVN® Technology Platform 
G Suite by Google Cloud

SVN® provides all SVN® offices with G Suite by Google Cloud, including enterprise class services and support. G Suite cloud-based apps include: Gmail™, Google Calendar™, Google Docs™, Google Drive™, Google Sheets™, Google+™, and Hangouts™.
mySVN Dashboard

Our SVN® The Masiello Group Advisors have a multitude of resources. This is why SVN® created the mySVN Dashboard. The mySVN Dashboard is the hub for all of the tools and resources offered to our Advisors and staff. It includes a document and video library where numerous presentations, best practices, marketing materials and graphics, training content, and preferred vendor information can be found. The SVN® organization-wide event calendar allows everyone to stay connected and participate in online training, product-type calls, SVN | Live®, and other events.

Online Property Marketing Platform

Through our exclusive enterprise relationship with Buildout, SVN® is able to offer our Advisors an extraordinarily customized online property marketing platform. Advisors have the tools necessary to create a variety of custom documents, email marketing campaigns, and supporting financial and demographic information. In addition, document vaults, property websites, external website plugins and third-party listing site integrations are available.  

Purpose-Built Commercial Real Estate CRM (BuildoutPRO)

Being part of the SVN® Team, our SVN®  The Masiello Group Advisors have access to an exclusive Customer Relationship Management tool that is catered towards commercial real estate. This multifaceted platform provides the opportunity to better grow, manage and retain clients as well as prospective clients. This powerful prospecting gives our Advisors the ability to leverage their market insights to win listings and build stronger relationships.

Advisors come for the tools,

but stay for the culture.



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SVN International Corp.